A statement from Hugh Roberts, from Tour Series organisers SweetSpot Group, following today’s announcement regarding the 2020 series’ postponement.

“We share the disappointment of everyone in the postponement of these events, but there are currently more important matters at stake, and ones that we know as a sport we will overcome all the stronger for.

“The Women’s Tour and Tour Series both rely on the support and organisation of local authorities across the UK in the weeks and months in advance of the races to make both events happen.

“Our decision reflects the wider issues at stake and that any major sporting event is required to be policed, have emergency medical cover and the services of voluntary health services, all of whom are facing significant, unprecedented challenges, for an indeterminable amount of time.

“The Women’s Tour in particular relies upon partners and suppliers from abroad, with a significant portion of our competitors, even British ones, coming in from mainland Europe and further afield.  We could not continue with the organisation as normal in the knowledge of these uncertainties and challenges making the event unfeasible at a later date.

“Cycle races are open attendance events in public spaces so holding them behind closed doors would be logistically very hard to enforce and also completely contradict the ethos of our events being open and accessible to all.”

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