Having gone close during The Pearl Izumi Tour Series, Adam Blythe took his first big win of the yer in the Pearl Izumi Jersey International Road Race on Sunday.

Getting his hands in the air with a classy solo win, having attached breakaway companions Steve Lampier and James McLaughlin, VeloUK spoke to Adam after his win.

“I have been wanting that win for a while now and it’s finally come my way. I felt good today, more like myself, was able to dictate how the race went for the break that we were in which went on the first lap. It was quite grippy the first four laps and then calmed down as we got into a rhythm”.

“Then, with four laps to go, I kept putting in a few digs in to see how everyone was and then with two laps to go, hit them hard up the climb. Steve (Lampier) was able to follow and we came round here and waited for the three chasing as it was going to go on the climb again.”

“I made sure I was in a good position to go there. Ian Bibby went at the bottom and then ran out of steam and then there were three of us and we got over the top and Steve and James were talking so I thought they’ll try and 1-2 me, so I’ll get in first.

“Luckily the one attack was enough and I held on to the finish”.

Despite being a fast finisher, with top ten finishes in the Giro d’Italia sprints, Blythe didn’t want to chance a sprint finish in Jersey.

“I felt strong and I thought if I keep hitting them, then I might be able to do something. I knew they wouldn’t want to take me to the line so I thought I’d hit them before they hit me and it worked.”

Talking about the Pearl Izumi Tour Series and his first taste of it, Adam explained that he didn’t realise how tired he’d get with the travelling. “I didn’t realise how much damage that would do to the legs, just a small race hurting you quite a lot, a lot more than I thought. So I have been doing one big ride on the weekend and that has seen me through”.

Asked how he has found the racing coming from the road in Europe, Adam replied, “Different! It’s hard, there is no doubt about that but hard in a different way and not something I am used to”.

“Full gas from the start and sometimes it eases up and sometimes it doesn’t. That is the biggest shock about it. It’s like time trialling or climbing, or time trialling and road racing. It’s just completely different and takes a special rider to get round.

“That’s why people like Mouldy [Jon Mould] are doing so well because it is fairly similar to the track; sprint, recover, sprint, recover. I have enjoyed them though but at the same time I am looking forward to some road racing”.

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