Team UK once again dominated the podium at the penultimate round of the Series in Aylsham, here are the reactions from the team.

Nigel Mansell, himself surrounded by fans wanting pictures and autographs, was again very proud of his team and the way they performed. “Tonight has surpassed my expectations” the legend from Formula 1 explained.

“I thought they would could get in the top three tonight, that was my expectation, and then Chris was left behind before making a superhuman effort to get back and to win the race was just awesome.

“The group behind backed him up fabulously so to win the team award, I’m amazed, I’m actually quite shocked but delighted at the same time.

“We have system going and it’s not broken so we’re not trying to fix it. We’re turning up very focused and being as professional as we can and we know we can do better. There is a lot we are learning and we’re up against some fantastic teams we have been watching for the last three years and we have learnt a fair bit from that.

“I’m happy it’s coming to fruition now and the boys are doing a sterling job.”

Nigel, who gets out on the bike himself, said “cycling is an incredibly healthy sport as long as you don’t fall off and hurt yourself! You are the engine and there is no where to hide and its wonderful for children and those of an older age as well.

“The sport is a brilliant way to get a message across and inspire people. The team inspire UK Youth which is a charity where we reach a million children in any one year so the whole thing is for me is a win win situation.”

Chris Opie was also understandably happy with the way he rode on the night especially after having had a round out being rested and given the opportunity to go home. “A major part of this win is that I grew up in Holland doing these races and it’s almost identical to these circuits. It brought back loads of memories.”

“Eleven years ago I met my fiancé and was doing exactly this sort of race and I feel like I am in my element. Little town, tight circuit … It is a really hard circuit and if you accelerate hard at the front, it’s exaggerated if you go back a few wheels and it makes it tough so it was easier being in the first five or six all the time.

“If you’re not in there, you really start to feel it as you’re not getting the recovery. When the five of us escaped, Dean [Downing], [Tom] Scully and myself were keen to work and were feeling good while Roman and Kristian were not as keen perhaps.”

“We [Kristian House and & Chris] drifted off the back and tried to bluff each other and I thought Jon Mould was coming across to us but was then told the peloton were after him and not to bother. We worked hard; fair and even, to come back and then he [House] attacked with a lap to go before it came together and we then had a big sprint from the far corner.”

Asked if it’s sunk in, Chris replied, “No, two in a row. I cried when I watched Canary Wharf, it was really really special to me. I watched it with my son on my lap and that win was really special. It was in Canary Wharf, head office for UK Youth and also my first Tour Series win.

“This one felt good and I’m really pleased but it won’t be until Saturday morning when The Pearl Izumi Tour Series is over we can relax and it will sink in. We do feel a lot of pressure to win this especially with Nigel here.”

Chris was also overwhelmed by the comment by Ed Clancy that he was waiting for ‘Chris Opie’ to come past him when Clancy won at Woking. “That was a massive compliment. Coming from Ed, that is huge who is not only one of the nicest bike riders you could meet, he’s also one of the best. So when I read that, I was really touched and it was nice to hear.”

On the team performance and how they backed him up perfectly, Chris says “They were fantastic. We have got it worked out. We have Pov [Manager Dave Povall] in the pits telling us what to do and we were working for each other the whole time and really have it sussed.”