With just a few weeks left to go until the first round of the 2016 Pearl Izumi Tour Series gets underway we’ll be giving you an insight into the personal lives of some of your favourite riders.

With our ‘Meet the Riders’ series you’ll get to know what makes the athletes tick, from their guilty pleasure to their choice of superpower as well as some of their cycling tips and secrets.

Next up in the series is Madison Genesis rider Taylor Gunman who will be riding in his first ever Tour Series in 2016. You can find her fact-file below:

General Questions

Full name: Taylor Gunman
Nickname: Noddy
Date of birth: 14 March 1991
Place of birth: Takapuna, Auckland NZ
First Bike: Avanti Kona
Current Bike: Traing Genesis Volaire, Racing Genesis Zero
First Race: Bike the Lake, Around lake Rotorua
First Win: u17 Junior Tour of Rotorua
Best moment in cycling: Winning Oceania Road Champs
Worst moment in cycling: Having to abandon due to sickness or injury.
Pre-race meal: Eggs on toast with avocado.
Post-race meal: Anything
Who do you train with? Happy to train solo, often meet Joe Evans for coffee and scone
If you weren’t a cyclist what would you be? Rugby player
What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a professional cyclist? Don’t over think anything
Biggest Inspiration? I love riding and racing my bike

Either or…

Facebook or Twitter
Fry up or Continental
Bath or Shower
Astronaut or Deep sea diver
Football or Rugby
Cinema or Theatre
Batman or Superman
Dress up or Dress down
Cats or Dogs
Long socks or Short socks


Race to ride: Tour of Southland
Race to watch: Paris Roubaix
Sport other than cycling: Rugby
Football team: What’s football?!
Holiday Destination: Mt Maunganui
All time sportsperson: Richie McCaw