There was a new individual winner on the top step of the podium, with Team UK Youth’s Jon Mould taking victory in Colchester.

Outsprinting breakaway companion Richard Lang, Mould took UK Youth’s third individual win of the 2013 Series helping them to the all-important team win for a fourth consecutive round. In the process he became the 24th different rider to win a Pearl Izumi Tour Series round in its five year history.

Afterwards, Jon Mould was understandably very happy saying “This win is really up there with my others with the crowds here and everything. I have won quite a bit on the track like the European Madison Championship as a junior but on the road or the crit scene, it is really great to get a big win like this.”

The speed of the race early on was quite something especially up the hill through the centre of Colchester. Talking about the early part of the race, Jon explained “It was a really tough first 15 minutes, really hard to get in the break and get away. As soon as we got away, I thought the race was mine as I had the strongest legs and used them at the right time.

“It was a really good course. I’ve never ridden it before so the change didn’t affect me as I didn’t know any different. It was for sure a good course, a testing one, and it suited me better than a pan flat one.”

Asked about the strategy for the race, Jon replied “It was all about the team and to be the first team across the line and to work well together. It was a good situation for us to get a rider in a break and I was the lucky one who did it. I had the break to go for the win and the boys did the job behind.”

“The break worked well together with all three of us pulling quite equal turns and when the gap had gone out, we just kept our head down to keep the gap. I attacked with three laps to go and distanced Roman van Uden and then it was just me and Richard [Lang] left.

“In the finale, I went flat out from about 250 metres all the way.”


Asked if he is looking forward to Redditch (next Tuesday), Jon replied “Yes but here in Team UK Youth, we have ten guys who can do the job that I am doing. Like Yanto has won two rounds, I have won one and the whole team is perfect.”

Asked if he felt pressure when he sees teammates like Yanto winning races, Jon replied “All of us are capable of winning and I remember saying last week ‘I can’t wait for it to be my turn’ because all ten of us entered for the series are capable of winning. There is more competition within our team for places than anywhere else.

“I was raring to go after being rested in Torquay. You watch them like I did in Torquay and you just want to be out there with them so when it’s your turn, you take full advantage and get stuck in.”

Yanto Barker meanwhile was one of the three highest placed Team UK Youth riders who helped the team to the big prize, the team award. Afterwards he said “I was absolutely perfect the way the race went.”

“With Madison second on GC missing the move it could not have been a better move for us. When it went, personally I was suffering a bit after I’d made a good lap effort earlier on that hurt a lot but once the break went, I was impressed.

“There were five laps when the break hadn’t quite gone and I think their lead ranged between five and ten seconds at that time and I thought it’s going to snap any minute because everyone was under pressure. I know the references; I know the good guys and know what they are doing and the tell-tale signs when they reach their limit.

“You can feel when the pace is really on and everyone is on it and if the break doesn’t come back, then it’s gone. Tobyn [Horton] said he got halfway across when he went with Ian Bibby and said he could have gone all the way but realized, actually, that would have been worse and Raleigh would have stopped riding and it would have come back.”

“So he did exactly the right thing and once the gap went out, we were all pleased Mouldy was there and had a lot of confidence in him. In the peloton, Niklas, Tobyn and myself were totally glued together at the front of the group and made sure nothing left the island without us. 

“We were never in any trouble and we brought it home.” 

Asked if he felt Raleigh, who had a rider in the break and also were strong in the group, were a threat, Yanto replied “100 per cent a threat but they were the best team to be a threat because they weren’t second in the overall. We are coming up with the wins but it is never a given or taken for granted and we always work extremely hard.

“We know anything could wrong so we need to be on it. There is no taking the foot off the gas or any complacency…”

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