Heading in to the final week of the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series Hannah Barnes leads the way with a ten point lead over Louise Mahe and Gabby Day.

Barnes took victory in Round Three at Redditch, adding victory at the Worcestershire venue to her win in Colchester to cement her place at the top of the individual and sprint standings.

Behind her, teammate Charline Joiner took her best ever Johnson Health Tech GP Series result with third, leaving team manager Rod Freeman a very happy man at his main sponsor’s home round.

Below, thanks to VeloUK/Gordon Wiseman we get the reaction from all three.

Hannah Barnes, MG Maxifuel
“I’m really pleased with my result tonight. I wasn’t feeling too good today but I managed to pull it off. It was my legs, I just felt that I had nothing in them. It was a really, really tough circuit but I did the MTB Nationals on Sunday and that was a really tough race as well” [Hannah finishes in fifth place]

“I didn’t really have a plan for tonight. I didn’t know what the course was like until we rode round it this evening but it was obvious straightaway that it was going to be hard to get away. I thought the bunch would whittle itself down quite quickly and it did and then it quickly became the survival of the fittest. Loads of people willing to attack but no one really stayed away. And then with five laps to go it eased off quite a bit.

“But as it was a smaller group at the end I knew who was up there, who would do well up the climb and I was watching their shadows. Adela Carter was going well in the sprints so I knew I had to watch her. Laura Massey went early, she had a really good ride.

“But we had Charline in third and Karla finished sixth so we stole the team award as well. Rod’s happy and so are the sponsors with MG being just down the road. We were told to win or else and we did!”


Charline Joiner, MG Maxifuel
“Tonight wasn’t a sprinter’s circuit but I just tried to stay with the leading group of riders on the hill. I’m pleased that I managed to do that. I got a rest on the downhill and stayed in the pack at the bottom on the flat and then dug in to try to stay in the top ten on each climb, I just had to dig in. Positioning was really important on a circuit like this.

“I’m so chuffed with the result tonight. I’m so happy. I really, really wanted a top three placing in the Series. I’ve not been well in the past few weeks with a chest infection. We’re still trying to sort out if it’s asthma or Hay Fever, I’m just coughing all the time and that’s why I’m really happy with that result”.

Rod Freeman, Team Principal, MG Maxifuel
“Tonight’s round being just down the road from our principal sponsor MG makes the win really special. We’re leading the team and rider competitions now but we know it’s not over yet for the overall, we’ve still got two rounds to go.

“When we saw what Hannah did at Colchester with Karla getting third and Charline, going well but not quite on form with a chest infection, we knew we could get that extra bit. Then to get it together tonight was really pleasing. Charline came through today and I think it’s testament that she has made a fantastic jump from being a track rider to road. She would argue that she was already used to riding up the banking but the big climb tonight was much bigger than that. She really came into it.

“The women’s result tonight is really where we wanted to be. When we first came into this with the women’s team we saw Matrix as something to aim to be in women’s racing. To be one point behind them at Colchester we knew we were getting really close. And now we’re leading the Series. We’re delighted to get where we are today”.

Woking hosts the penultimate round of the Johnson Health Tech GP Series on Tuesday 11th June before Aylsham in Norfolk hosts the final round of Britain's leading women's Series.