Following the final round of The Pearl Izumi Tour Series we’ve been delving into the stats behind the Series. Here’s the final part of our three article summary.

Unsurprisingly given the nature of the circuit, Durham comes out on top with the lowest average speed of any round of the 2013 Pearl Izumi Tour Series.

The weather shortened, technical circuit of Aberystwyth proved the next slowest at just over 37 km/h, unsurprising given the tight corners and strong headwind on the back straight, plus the fact the race was shaped by an early four man break.

Next slowest were Colchester and Redditch, again two of the harder circuits both of which saw breakaway moves contest the race victory, allowing for the pace behind to be eased, something which also happened in Aylsham.

Quickest though was Woking at nearly 43.5 km/h, just shading Canary Wharf, which also broke the 43 km/h mark across the entire field.

Round One Kirkcaldy 39.655 km/h
Round Two Durham 32.933 km/h
Round Three Stoke-on-Trent 41.831 km/h
Round Four Aberystwyth 37.250 km/h
Round Five Torquay 40.947 km/h
Round Six Colchester 38.722 km/h
Round Seven Redditch 38.460 km/h
Round Eight Canary Wharf 43.099 km/h
Round Nine Woking 43.355 km/h
Round Ten Aylsham 38.594 km/h
Round Eleven Ipswich 41.629 km/h

Since its launch in 2009 The Pearl Izumi Tour Series has been all about the teams, with Britain’s ten leading cycling teams fighting it out for the right to be crowned champions. But what if, like the women’s Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series, there was also an individual classication?

After much calculating we can exclusively reveal that Team Raleigh’s Tom Scully would have been the champion, in fairly dominant style.

Scully ends up 22 points clear of Madison Genesis’ Dean Downing, with both riders finishing in the top 20 in all bar one round. Stoke-on-Trent in Scully’s case and Durham for Downing.

With points awarded on a 20 down to 1 basis and no rules about having to ride ever event here is how the standings would look, with particularly close battles for fourth and ninth.

1) Tom Scully Team Raleigh 152 pts
2) Dean Downing Madison Genesis 134 pts
3) Yanto Barker Team UK Youth 124 pts
4) Ed Clancy Rapha Condor JLT 119 pts
5) Tobyn Horton Team UK Youth 119pts
6) Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT 117 pts
7)  Roman Van Uden Node4 Giordana Racing 117 pts
8)  Chris Opie Team UK Youth 115pts
9)  Dan Barry Node4 Giordana Racing 81 pts
10 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis 80 pts
11) Mike Northey Node4 Giordana Racing 80 pts
12) Niklas Gustavsson Team UK Youth 80 pts

Of the top 10 only Scully, Downing, House and Holohan rode all 11 criterium rounds, while Clancy and Barker only scored points in eight of the rounds.

48 different riders took top 20 finishes during the Series, six of whom only did on one occasion. 15 riders claimed a top three ‘podium’ spot, with Clancy taking five ahead of Opie, Scully and Downing on four a piece, the latter the only one of those names not to win a round.

UK Youth claimed ten ‘podium’ spots, with Rapha Condor JLT, Team Raleigh and Madison Genesis all taking six a piece, again the latter of whom the only one of those names who failed to convert any of those spots into a victory.

Most individual round wins = Ed Clancy, 3 wins
Most top three finishes by individual = Ed Clancy, 5 ‘podiums’
Most top three finishes by team = Team UK Youth, 10 ‘podiums’