Motherwell welcomes The Tour Series for a third time on Tuesday (23 May) evening with both Britain’s leading men and women’s teams in action again at the popular North Lanarkshire town centre circuit.

The races get underway at 17:30 (women) and 19:30 (men) and Motherwell will be hoping to keep up its 100% record of home winners in the women’s Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series.

In 2015 it was Katie Archibald storming to a solo victory and then a year later Eileen Roe outsprinting a small group in Motherwell.  Both riders have been among the victories so far in the 2017 Series, with Katie winning Round Two in Stoke-on-Trent and Eileen taking victory at Bath (pictured below), to become with five wins the most successful individual rider in the Matrix Fitness GP Series.


For both riders, the home support is definitely appreciated, along with the chance to race in front of friends and family.

“It’s definitely weird when you do have friends and family on the side, or even people I don’t know that well but I recognise, so you end up riding round and I’m chewing on a stem and the I’d be like ‘oh that’s so and so’ which is strange, and you don’t get that very often with racing so I’m really looking forward to that”, said Archibald.

The World and Olympic Champion returns to Tour Series action in Motherwell having missed the past four rounds racing in Spain in preparation for the OVO Energy Women’s Tour.

“In terms of the circuit, I think there are some nice technical elements to it, a really exciting finish with that incline coming round the last sweeping bend. I feel quite comfortable with the circuit and keen to capitalise on it.”

Roe, who wears the British Circuit Race Champions jersey currently agrees with her WNT teammate about the Motherwell circuit, suggesting it is one that is often underestimated.

“I think it’s quite a tough circuit. It has that uphill finish that is quite a drag, and then a really windy straight after that downhill, and then you’re back to the finish line again. It’s obviously really special to race at home; there’s not many of the Tour Series that are only an hour away from your home so not only is it super close, but so many people travel to the race just to actually watch you and other Scottish riders to see them race in their home ground. I think it is, again, I’m again excited to race Motherwell.”

Ever the diplomat though, the one answer Eileen wouldn’t be drawn on is who would come out top in the battle between Team WNT’s two top Scots.

“The team! Not an individual rider. 

“I think we have a wealth of experience on that circuit, and both of us have done really well, and we have other riders that have done well in that race as well; Emily, Gabby and Lydia as well, they all know how to race as a team so I think we’ll go in with high expectations in Motherwell.”

You can find more details of the Motherwell round including a brief timetable and circuit map here.  You can see the photos from Eileen and Katie's victories in North Lanarkshire below.