With The Pearl Izumi Tour Series now barely a month away we are offering you the chance to win a signed jersey. This is no normal jersey either as its signed by the Endura Racing team, winners of the 2012 Tour Series.

Since it was launched four years ago The Pearl Izumi Tour Series has seen some unforgettable racing with wheel to wheel action through crowd lined streets in numerous towns and cities across the UK.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched these events live, so we are asking you to send in pictures that you have captured with a brief explanation or story up to 100 words showcasing your favourite Pearl Izumi Tour Series moments. So whether you caught on camera a sprint to the finish, got pictured with your favourite rider or have a picture that comes with an anecdote send them in to us at either – competitions@thetour.co.uk or upload them to our Pearl Izumi Tour Series Facebook group. Feel free to also enter as many times as you like as well.

We will be posting them all on our Pinterest “I was there” board and then announcing the winners on www.thetour.co.uk at the end of April. On top of giving away a signed 2012 leader’s jersey, to our favourite picture story moment we will also be giving out two unsigned 2012 leader’s jerseys as runner up prizes.

The signed jersey features the signatures of Endura Racing’s five-rider line-up from last year’s Grand Finale in Stoke-on-Trent – Scott Thwaites, Ian Bibby, Zak Dempster, Johnny McEvoy and Ian Wilkinson.