First across the line in two rounds of The Pearl Izumi Tour Series and the team’s most experienced rider, Yanto Barker says the team award is their priority.

Yanto Barker, winner in Kirkcaldy and Stoke this year, was one of two ‘local’ riders in Torquay where the crowds flocked to the seaside course to cheer Team UK Youth on and said after the podium presentation, “You do think about the individual win but in sequence if you like. Not before the team win because that is the purpose of this series and what we are here to do.

“When I was pulling the last turn up to the hairpin there, I was thinking I need to get as far round this hairpin before any one of my boys come through to give them the best chance of having the individual win but I know in doing that, it was bringing all the other boys in the team to the front too and stringing it out so anyone past seventh or eighth is going to struggle to get up there.

“I’m not sure this course is better than the one used last year. It was easier to sit in the group and that did mean there were a lot more riders around and dive bombing in the corners. It’s one of those things you hope happens less but it is one of those things you have to deal with.

“It was very fast course and we did what we had to do. We did notice it was quite easy to burn matches [use up energy reserves]; do efforts that would get soaked up by the circuit so we left it really late purposefully which I think was right.

“We got a team win on the night and extended our lead so that says we did do it right and that’s part of the discipline to keep chipping away at the points.”

It was a local race for Yanto as well who said “I can’t tell you how many times I have ridden up and down this sea front with the chain gang so it was brilliant. I’m really pleased to come here and see friends from the local shop and do well in front of them.”

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